BENCIL was born out of the need to have a Master Innovator who would tell the world that innovation belongs to our day to day life and each of us can be creative in our ways!

Bencil has the form of a pencil with a bulb on top and imbibes 6 values which are required to be the Master of Innovation.

Bencil Values

The 6 values are simple yet powerful and makes Bencil what it is; belief, experimental, nurturing, collaborative, inquisitive, learner.

Bencil will be working with individuals and businesses to help them innovation a habit, use creativity to solve complex problems, help meet unmet need of customers and look into the future how the world will shape up post 2020 after the Covid19 pandemic.

Bencil believes that we have lost our playfulness which makes us dull and being playful will make us sharp and ready to take new challenges.

We would love to hear from you and look for every opportunity to engage and collaborate!

Why Bencil?

We all love role models and Bencil is a role model for innovation! 

Adorable, Fun loving and Visionary best describes Bencil. 

He shares the 6 values to become the Master of Innovation so that we can make a lil bit of difference to this beautiful world we live in.

Bencil has been conceptualised by Scinnovation Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and created by ace cartoonist, Abhijeet Kini of Tinkle fame.

Bencil will help businesses and organisations become Future Proof through its 2020 & Beyond workshops & consulting, provide learning solutions through Don’t kill the child in you and help Innovators create impact with Bencil Innovation Club.

Covid19 Consortium

The world is battling with Covid19 outbreak and Bencil is creating a consortium so that we can fight with it together and emerge victorious. Bencil wants companies, start ups, academia and Government to come together and share their expertise, resources and technology to rapidly launch mission critical products such as ventilators, oxygenrators, sanitisation kits etc. to save lives and restore order in the world.

We are currently working with the following clients who are looking for partners –

Vopec Pharma, Chennai https://www.vopecpharma.com/ Research based & DSIR certified ayurvedic manufacturing company selling immunity boosters recommended by Ministry of AYUSH and looking for marketing partners and Govt. funding for Covid19 projects

Mark Exhaust, NCR http://www.markexhaust.com/ A large auto parts company with an investment from Suzuki Corp. interested in utilising its manufacturing facility for making ventilators or similar products

Faraday Ozone, Coimbatore http://www.faradayozone.com/ An innovator driven start up which has developed a range of Covid19 products such as air disinfection system, ozone chambers, mask burning incinerators looking for marketing partners

Who doesn’t miss their childhood?


We used to playful as a child and were ready to take risks even for small rewards but as we grow up we become risk averse and too serious.

This series is meant to inspire everyone with stories of everyday innovators who dared to be different and made a meaningful difference in someone’s lives. 

We are working on the story format and would like you to share what kind of stories would you like to be covered on this page. You can write to us at bencil@scinnovation.in

Call Us Now on +91 9962696204 or WhatsApp Us or send us an email to bencil@scinnovation.in to discuss your project further!

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